Kimberly Collins - Owner of Penache LLC

 Welcome to Penache! My name is Kimberly Collins and I’m the chief jewelry designer & owner of Penache.

What is Penache?

Penache is not a word you’ll find in the dictionary. It's a combination of Penacho & Panache. Historically, both words are defined as a tuft or plume of feathers worn in a headdress or helmet. Today, dictionaries define Panache as a flamboyant manner, style, or flair. The definition comes close to our philosophy, but not quite. Like panache, the jewelry we create is stylish, but unlike panache it’s not flamboyant. I replaced “Pan” with “Pen” not just as a choice of pronunciation, but to give a new definition. I describe Penache as the  softer, subtle version of its cousin Panache, never flashy or gaudy. Our jewelry philosophy is to create chic & casual jewelry that you’ll want to wear again and again.