Kimberly Collins - Owner of Penache LLC Hello and welcome to Penache! My name is Kimberly Collins and I’m the jewelry designer & owner of Penache LLC. Our goal is to create handcrafted casual chic jewelry with versatile style that you’ll love wearing again and again.


How did you get started making jewelry?  What is Penache?

 These are the two questions I get the most when I meet customers and the  answers reveal the inspiration for the creation of this company.
How did you get started making jewelry?  The idea was born a few years ago when I was looking for a blue necklace to compliment an outfit. I went to the biggest mall in my area to start my search (I live in Central New York, so if you’re from CNY or know the area, then you probably know which mall I’m talking about ). I thought for sure I would find it because there’s so many well known fashion and jewelry stores there. Oh was I so wrong!
I walked around for hours, looking for that one piece that would fit my needs, but my expectations of finding it fell lower and lower with every store I visited. All the stores had the same cookie cutter jewelry because the fashion gods declared "Color X " as the official color of the year. There was no originality, nothing special about any of the jewelry. And worst yet, none of them went with my outfit (Sounds familiar, right?). Finally, after several hours and stores later, I found a blue necklace! I found it in a well known women’s fashion store in the clearance racks (the store clerk told me it was last season’s collection). Even though I didn’t want a multi strand necklace, I was so desperate and excited that I found a blue necklace, that I bought it anyway.
After I got home, I took it out the bag and looked at it. I mean really looked at it. All the beads were fake! Just colored plastic strung on a thin, flimsy metal chain (the chain broke a couple days later, grr). I couldn’t believe I spent $25 for plastic! The only thing that would’ve been worse is if I paid the full price for that flimsy thing. Angry, I showed it to my husband and told him “I could've made this, hell I can make a better necklace than this!" That’s when my husband calmly said “Well, why don’t you?”
Boom! The idea was born and with the encouragement of my family and friends, I started creating jewelry for myself , then as gifts for family and friends. My passion grew and soon it turned into a business. Now I create jewelry for style confident men & women who need chic yet easy to wear jewelry to fit their busy lives and their wardrobes. The fashion gods may dictate the "It" color & style each year, but many of us need jewelry to go with the clothes we already have in our closets, as well with anything we might buy in the future. From work to family, our lives are hectic. What we need is quality and versatile pieces that we can wear with multiple outfits, not cookie cutter  jewelry with no personality.
What is Penache? Well, Penache is not a word you’ll find in most English dictionaries. The closest related words in meaning and spelling are Panache and Penacho (Spanish translation of Panache). The dictionaries define Panache as flamboyant, confident, style, flair, chic, extravagent or showiness. The definition comes close to describing my creative philosophy, but not quite. Like panache, I wanted to  create jewelry that was stylish, unique, and confident but unlike panache I didn't want it to be about bling, flamboyance, or showing off.  
Penache is a combination of Panache and Penacho. Replacing “Pan” with “Pen” was not just a choice of pronunciation, but also helped to give us definition. I describe Penache as the subtle, chic version of her sister Panache. She's never gaudy, flashy, or pompous. Penache jewelry is handcrafted for men and women who enjoy jewelry that's designed using natured inspired colors, textures and materials to form quality casual chic pieces.
Creating jewelry is not just a business, it's a passion! I take great care and pride in every handmade piece. I want you to enjoy the jewelry as much as I enjoyed making it. 
Kimberly Collins
Owner & Chief Design Officer